Forced break

It’s a terrible feeling, being sick and alone. Well, I am not entirely alone – last night I had fabulous bonding time with my roommate. We watched a terrible version of Mansfield Park. There was a tiny bit of dancing in it, and then at the very end the couple started waltzing. And none of the other characters acted properly scandalized!

I watched a plethora of movies over the weekend, actually. I stumbled on some tango in the movie Love and Other Disasters, when Brittany Murphy’s character (a woman who works at Vogue and can only seem to get close to gay men) goes out with an Argentine and surprises him with her knowledge of tango. It’s a pretty entertaining movie, if you can ignore the terrible accent that Brittany Murphy puts on. (Sure, the mixed accent is written into the script, but the inconsistency is maddening.) If you are curious about the tango, just a warning – it is all very showy and not just a little bit over the top:

I am just waiting until I stop sniffling and sneezing enough to go out dancing! I read that, according to the NIH and CDC, I shouldn’t really be contagious after tomorrow or so – that at most a person is only contagious up to four or five days after developing symptoms of a virus like this. But even if I am not contagious, I can’t imagine being an attractive partner if I have to run grab a tissue between every song. At least I should be able to go out and socialize. And when I can dance again, I only hope to have the results that Debbi had after being ill! Patience, patience …


3 thoughts on “Forced break

  1. Sorry you’re sick — feel better! Wow, that clip was… just wow. 🙂 The side by side kicks were the funniest. It was actually pretty interesting to see how obviously the boleos weren’t led in the clip.~R

  2. Hi Rachel,Thanks for the message on my blog – it led me to yours, which I have really loved reading! Though I know next to nothing about Tango, your love for it jumps off the page and draws the reader in. How are you these days? It sounds like everything is going well! And as much as I am really hoping to do this research, I kind of dream about taking a break and just enjoying the rest of life…All the best – and stay in touch,Charlotte

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