Staying home on a Friday night is something I am not at all used to, but tonight my body tells me that it is the right thing to do. When I happily sleep for a couple hours instead of getting ready and going to the milonga, I know I should listen.

The nice thing about tonight is that my body is not even leaving room for my mind to object. I can’t even muster up excitement for dancing. It is good when my body is so convincing – no energy to wish I were at the milonga right now. I will just save up what energy I have and hope that if this is a budding illness I can shut it down quickly.

I better not end up with something that keeps me sick very long. In about a week I am headed up to Toronto, and I want to be able to visit the tango community while I am there!


2 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Will you be in Toronto over the weekend? Don’t miss Friday night at Paradiso (Dovercourt House)Saturday night at Parlermo Tango Club (Joy of Dance Studio) orSunday night at Milonga Sentimental (Cervejaria)Hope to meet you in one of them.Get well soon!A tanguero from Toronto

  2. I won’t be coming into Toronto until Saturday evening, so I’ll miss Friday and Saturday depends on whether I have the energy after traveling all day. But for sure on Sunday I’ll be dancing! I look forward to meeting you!

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