DJs Dancing

What happens when you get a majority of the local DJs in one room? Some very nice dancing, at least once you can get them to stop talking shop!

Last night there was a DJ symposium followed by a practica … milonga … thing. It was billed as a practica, but it had more of a “casual milonga” feeling. I showed up in time to hear the end of their conversation and then take advantage of a very gender-balanced, high-level group of dancers. I even got my brain to shut up enough to really enjoy the dancing rather than have the dancing drowned out by the million-and-one things I was thinking about after my private that afternoon.

My favorite point in the evening may have been a particular milonga tanda. At that point there were only four women left dancing, and two immediately ran onto the floor to dance. I looked around at everyone, trying to gauge who would be best for a milonga. The one leader who looked most enticing was another woman, the shoe diva/enabler! I almost laughed it off, when she looked around and said that she was feeling evil. So onto the floor we ran, to leave all the men looking forlorn on the sidelines. Lovely tanda.

I ended the night with two tandas of tango and one of vals with Korey. I tried to forget all the suggestions he made earlier and focus on enjoying the dancing while trying to implement one fundamental piece of advice he had given me. It was the one thing that he said, even if it is all I remember, will make a huge difference for me. And sometimes it was too much, as I decided that having fun with old habits is preferable to falling all over myself trying to do something new. But in the end the dancing was wonderful, and I enjoyed myself, and I can’t wait for more.