Can’t sleep. Must dance.

Normally, I come home from dancing and am perfectly happy to crawl under the covers and succumb to sleep right away. Maybe it is pent up energy from the rest of the day, or coming home with the very slight possibility of releasing the milonga energy over the phone … in any case, I am revved up and not ready to sleep (even though I know very well that I should!).

This weekend has been great. I need to work on quieting my brain enough to dance when I want to just dance, now that a million new ideas have been pumped into my head and body. Good thing I have a chance to go to a practica tomorrow. I need to work on some of these ideas before I go out to a milonga again. Needless to say, the private was a great decision.

Ok, it seems that although my dancing self is energetic, my writing self is not. More about this fabulous weekend later.