Musicality Weekend

Last night was wonderful! We kicked off our Korey Ireland musicality workshop weekend, and the energy was high all night. There were a few people who created more chaos than I would have liked (navigation issues, teaching on the floor, those sorts of things), and one person whose presence would have made my night just perfect, but overall it was excellent.

Korey taught a general class on musicality before the milonga, entitled “High Definition Tango – Articulation”. The point was to adjust the quality of movement to the music. Legato v. staccato steps was the main focus, and we used images like walking through water or imagining ourselves throwing darts at the floor to help create those different qualities. And the million dollar question: The leader will of course make choices, but how much does the follower get to make choices and contribute to the musical qualities of the movement?

I went on to have a lovely evening. I had a milonga tanda that made me giggle throughout with its playfulness, a nice conversation about inner peace and tango that I will probably return to in another entry, and three (three!) tandas with Korey – two closer to the beginning and one at the end that included La Cumparsita. It was a challenge for me to adjust to some of the subtleties of his lead, but I enjoyed it and really look forward to learning more. A great start!