The Full Spectrum of Shoes

This may be a frivolous topic, but I still want opinions.

My shoe wardrobe is chromatically limited. I have black, black-and-red, brown, and now pink/peach covered. That’s it. Black and brown are the basics, of course, given my usual tango clothing – I almost always pair one or more colors with black or brown. But I would like to widen the spectrum and get a little more color in my shoes.

Would it be ridiculous to have, say, my favorite model of shoes in numerous colors? I have them in red and black … would it be odd to have that exact model also in blue and black, and in purple and brown? Because that is what I am thinking about doing. I would like to venture out and get more styles, but the truth is that I love love love those shoes. I don’t really like single strap shoes, and I find t-strap the most comfortable. I might, maybe, play with platforms a little bit, but that would be the only variation.

I just get this image of my shoe rack and wonder if I am being silly.


9 thoughts on “The Full Spectrum of Shoes

  1. Sometimes I reread entries like this and think to myself, “My dear, if you stopped worrying about having colorful feet, you could take a couple private lessons with that money and probably end up with more satisfying results.” But then I remember that, try as I might to resist, shoes have turned into my one consumer weakness. Well, along with earrings.

  2. Well, shoes are cheaper than, say, snow boards. Think of them as equipment. 🙂 I think that if a pair of shoes are comfortable for you, multiple colors are great. I’m desperately seeking someone who sells Tango Brujo shoes around here(ish) so that I can buy a pair of my favorites in gold (I have them in black.)

  3. No, it’s not ridiculous. I have a few pairs of shoes in same model, same color (different stages of decomposing), because that shoes happened to work the best for my feet and for dancing. Same color because that has been the only one I could get my hands on so far.I see women (including professionals, some from Buenos Aires ) doing “same model in different shades” all the time.

  4. What is worse is that we are ALL buying versions of your same shoe (though in different colors) I think the ones I want are based on that same model… Though I will definitely add a platform. I’m going for a brown, gold and pink though, or maybe orange and green!!!!

  5. Thanks for making me feel a little more justified. Now I can call you all enablers! 😉America, I should never have told anyone where I got them! 😛 But really, it only weirds me out to see the exact model that I have. Other colors don’t phase me nearly so much as seeing “my” shoes on someone else’s feet! (Not that I truly have a problem with it, of course.)

  6. Oh dear, I only ever seem to comment on shoe entries – I’m that superficial! No, I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all – I’m lucky and pretty much all slingback/open back CiFs seem to do it for my feet – or you could say unlucky…so much temptation…Have fun with your shoes.

  7. I was actually going to ask if you saw those, because I remember you mentioning a search for good orange shoes a while back. They are nice!I’m not sure if this is where you got your red and black shoes (the ones you wore last night), but I am considering getting that style with a platform and tan & dark brown leather. And then getting my favorite style in black & turquoise, without a platform. (Did you see the lovely turquoise heel they have? Whee!)

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