Low Energy

The energy was so low in all of the milongas last week. Tapering off drastically at the end of each night. I don’t know if it is real or just a projection of my own low energy. I sat and talked for an hour after arriving at the milonga on Friday without feeling inclined to get up and dance.

I finally did dance, thankfully – I had a nice dance with a visitor. I wish I could have danced with him after getting myself warmed up, but such is life. And my energy died out before the last tanda. I stayed until the end, but I am so out of the habit of attending milongas by myself … I don’t look forward to La Cumparsita as I normally do. If only there were an end in sight.

I am hobbling around like a cripple today after working myself hard in Pilates yesterday, and then I got out this afternoon and enjoyed a fabulous site-specific modern dance event. I am doing what I can to raise my spirits, and perhaps by my next milonga I will be more energetic. We do have the Korey Ireland weekend to look forward to, and I will be taking a private, so we will see how that goes …


4 thoughts on “Low Energy

  1. My energy has been crap too. And while I enjoy dancing with our mutual missing friend, I think it is more than that… Well there are other important people missing with their party energy… I have a strange craving for tiramisu 😉I think the national situation is causing a general malaise. Especially here where property values are going to really hurt people. But I think in the long run it drives people TO tango because it is relatively cheap entertainment that provides stress relief and a sense of community. At least that is the hope I hold onto as the hoof beats of the apocalypse sometimes drown out the music I ‘d rather be dancing to!

  2. I agree that we are missing a number of energetic people, including some lovely music-makers and tasty-dessert-makers! 😉Hopefully this weekend brings more energy. You do have a good point about the national factors, too. Maybe once people adjust to the economic situation (and maybe once the election is over?) that energy will come back full force.

  3. I was also going to say what America (very appropriate name) commented: that everyone right now is feeling a low–there is serious trouble going on, and you never know what the people who attend the milongas may be going through in their private lives. Sometimes, tangueros tend to forget that the others’ activities go far beyond their activities in the dance floor.

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