Window Shopping for Shoes

I am the only person in the office right now, and so my mind turned to browsing for shoes. (Yesterday it was browsing for earrings, the day before was taken up with reading international news. Somehow I still manage to get enough work down to impress my boss.) So. Shoes.

I have to say, I am fully surprised with some of the shoes. I was looking at Maleva Shoes and, for the first time, saw checkerboard shoes. We are talking full-out, bright rainbow checkerboard. (Take a look!) Then I saw shoes that remind me of the university in my hometown. They are pretty, but I personally could not wear them without feeling like a mascot.

I went to look at other sizes, and I came across white polka dots on black with red-and-white striped soles. I would love to see other women pull these styles off, because I know someone out there must be able to do it. Just not me! Of course, I suffered the torture of finding a beautiful pair of shoes that I love … in another size. That’s what I get for peeking.

I will allow myself to consider getting new shoes next year. Maybe something custom-made, because I have not seen anything that fits one of my “ideal shoe” pictures in my head. Maybe I will try on some shoes at the festival here. I am toying with the idea of trying out a sling back shoe next, if I can try out a pair and like them. Perhaps I will plan for shoes as a happy-birthday-to-me present. Although I think I enjoy window shopping almost as much as actually buying them.


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