I have all kinds of thoughts swimming around in my head right now about politics, immigration, public policy, ethics and morality, cooking, organizing closets, and the weather. But if you are curious about any of those, too bad. You will just have to contact me privately. Because for now, I am sticking with tango in this blog.

But on tango, I feel like I am toeing the line of becoming a broken record. I want to tell you all about the beautiful time I had dancing last night, but it is not as though I had any sort of major revelation or conflict or new experience. I had new experiences in the way that every dance is a new experience, even if I am dancing with a leader to the same music we danced to on another night. I did have some of those dances where I close my eyes and the whole world both disappears and comes into perfect focus at the same time. And I had some of those ho-hum dances that were pleasant but not exciting. I noticed that my right knee is fine, but my left knee is in danger of having problems from overcompensation. My left hip was a little sore from my belly dance class, but it feels fine today. It’s funny; I had a brilliant night*, but I feel as though I have nothing to tell you about!

Oh, I did finally set up my private lesson with Korey Ireland, though. I will certainly have some new things to talk about after that.

*Wait, I take that back. I had some brilliant moments, many of them due to social interactions and not dances. If I truly stick to the dancing, I experienced a lot of mediocrity and a few brilliant moments. But I happily suffer from a selective memory, so I can easily pretend that the entire night was brilliant.


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  1. I kind of think about other bloggers and what they write as catching up over coffee. Sometimes we can’t wait to call our friends and tell them all about it, and sometimes it’s just the small details that we share together.The fact that you had a lovely night, with a few brilliant details and some completely mediocre ones makes me smile. I’m glad you wrote about it.

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