I got back to my running schedule last night, and I got back into pushups at the same time. I admit it: I was slacking.

After sleeping over 9 hours the night before, I decided I was in serious need of exercise. It may sound funny, but when I stop exercising my whole body feels like it shuts down. I sleep too much, eat more and at more random hours, feel sluggish. Exercise keeps me in a healthy rhythm.

I have not been dancing tango as much lately. Several milongas that used to be weekly options are not anymore, and a monthly milonga didn’t happen this month. I think my regular practica will be starting up again soon, but no guarantees of when that will happen or who will show up. I still have classes at work to keep me happy, but they aren’t tango.

I think I will go to the tango conditioning class and practica tonight. I am craving workouts and dance and socializing, things to keep my brain and body engaged and my spirits up.


3 thoughts on “Exercise

  1. I hope you have a nice lesson tonight. I used to dance tango when I was younger and still in primary school. I love the couple’s chemistry (well, when there IS chemistry!).Greetings from London.

  2. That’s funny — I have the same reaction with exercise. When I don’t get enough, I become tired and unmotivated to do anything. I think that around here I sometimes don’t dance tango as much as I’d like for the opposite problem — there are so many good milongas all the time, that I feel pulled in many directions, and think “I can always go tomorrow.” I’m interested to hear how the conditioning class is.~Ruthreadingthetea.com

  3. Greetings from across the pond!Ruth, sadly I didn’t make it to the conditioning class. It takes special effort to get home from work, eat dinner, and make it to a class within an hour. Maybe next week!

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