I was talking with a friend on Friday about his recent travels. He danced in various cities, in different countries, and then said that he was happy to be back in our city. Although he did not seem to find a better city for tango where he went, he did mention the beautiful venues. Someone else was just telling me about the festival going on now in Ann Arbor, how the venue was gorgeous. Lots of brick, which I do miss about the midwest. I was reminded also of what Nuit just wrote about the beautiful venues in Buenos Aires.

That is one thing I feel we are missing here. There is a studio here that just moved into a new space. I have not visited it, but I hear that it will be beautiful. A shame, because I don’t usually like their events. Some of my favorite milongas happen in regular dance studios. Some with wall colors we like to poke fun at. 🙂 Our mid-week milonga probably has my favorite atmosphere, but it has none of the space or grandeur that an older city could offer.

We have nothing like the venues I hear about it in Buenos Aires. Or in European cities. Or even in US cities that have been around longer. In fact, almost all of our milongas happen in dance studios. I have to admit that I enjoy the mirrors, but they are quite plain in a way that lighting and decoration can’t change. I am brainstorming, though. If we can’t have an old dance hall, we still might be able to find a nice outdoor venue …