Playing Hostess

It is kind of nice to come home from a milonga with extra money in your pocket!

I ended up hosting the Friday milonga for the first time. I usually pitch in with set-up and clean-up anyway, and circumstances gave me the opportunity to really run things for once. Buying food, setting up, sitting at the door, cleaning and closing up … I did it with help, of course. The DJ and a few others certainly did their part.

It was kind of nice, really. I liked sitting at the door, saying hello to everyone as they came in (and demonstrating my inability to remember names unless I have seen them on paper a few times). It was nice to have a reason to sit and watch, especially on a night when many of my favorite leaders were out of town. It did mean missing dances with at least a couple leaders I would have liked to dance with, but I will catch them another time. And at the end of the night, I had a good excuse to skip the last tanda. I didn’t have to skip it, but at that point I just didn’t feel like dancing.

I imagine that it would feel very different on a busy night. When my favorite leaders and other leaders I enjoy are at that milonga, I can dance the entire night away. It could be frustrating to feel chained to the door on nights like that. Especially when Friday has always been my night to relax and enjoy myself. But if it were an occasional thing, or someone else were there to share door responsibilities equally, I could see myself getting into the host role more. For now, though, I like being backup help – ready to step up when I’m needed, but mostly there to support others and help out in the background.