New shoes

I wore my new shoes out dancing for the first time last night! They are the Comme Il Fauts I splurged on a few weeks ago. Sadly, no one was taking pictures – but I’ll have photos of them at some point, I promise! This pair is from Diva Boutique, and they made sure that the transaction was simple and the shipping was fast. Anything to encourage tangueras’ growing shoe collections … 🙂

The shoes are lovely and frilly. Peachy-pink satin, with a toe band and enclosed heel. The band and edge of the heel have a line of black lace with a peach ribbon, and the strap is asymmetric peach satin. 3″ heels, of course.

I am very pleased with the shoes. I have one other pair of CIFs that were gifted to me, so I was pretty sure that the sizing and fit would be good for me. They are. I had a couple incidents where I felt one side of the toe band slipping around a bit, but it never felt like it was going to come off – I think it is simply a matter of adjusting to the asymmetric strap. I know I have said it before, but I love straps that attach lower down on the shoe – whether asymmetric, t-strap, criss-cross, or some other configuration. Anyway, I had worn this pair once to a work event … I had only promised to save them for dancing, not for general wearing … so last night they were broken in a bit and quite comfortable. I really like the fit of my Tango Wear shoes, but I have to say that my CIFs feel more stable, with higher quality materials and construction.

The milonga itself was lovely. Not enough time to dance with everyone I wanted to, but when is there? I got in the most important dances. And now I will be flying solo at the milongas for the next 6ish weeks. Haven’t done that more than a handful of times in the recent past, so we’ll see how it goes. I foresee lots of tango, pilates, belly dance, modern dance and yoga in my near future!


3 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. Diva Boutique is the exclusive distributor for Tara Tango shoes. I recommend them to dancers who want comfort and style. I bought my first pair of Tara shoes (“Malena”)8 years ago, and they look brand new. They are the only shoes I wear when I teach for three hours.

  2. Tangobaby, I am definitely enjoy these shoes! 🙂 One shoe diva’s comment was that they are “more like lingerie than toe shoes”! Heehee!Jantango, I have certainly considered Tara shoes. The problem is that I haven’t ever been able to try on a pair to see how they fit, and I have heard that they tend to run wide. I wouldn’t want to order without testing the fit first.

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