Belly Dancing

My knee is feeling better today. I still plan to take it easy tonight, but I think I can handle some dancing. 😉 Plus, I am having a weekend-with-the-(non-tango)-girls, so I will have some time off to let it rest!

Let me tell you something wonderful about belly dancing. Just as in tango, I love the music used for belly dancing. I get lost in its rhythm. I internalize the music and let it come out again in my movement. And, unlike tango, belly dance is all about me.

Now, I love tango. I love wrapping myself in an embrace and creating a beautiful dance with a partner. But I also love a dance that is entirely internal. And now that improvisation doesn’t scare me, I think I will always look for a way to improvise my belly dancing. We learn choreography in class, but I will always try to take those movements home, turn on the music, and just string them together in new ways. For myself.

I am still awkward. I still have a lot of new muscle to develop and new movement-sense to acquire. But as feel the energy circle my hips, move up my torso, circle my ribcage and move back down again … well, the fluidity is just like the fluid movement in tango, only it is entirely personal. I feel gorgeous. At this point I ignore the problem areas and just appreciate what dancing I can do.

Well, I focus on those problems when I drill and practice! But just like stepping into a milonga, there are times when I just turn on the music and appreciate what I have managed to learn so far. Because every dance has that moment when you just have to shut up and enjoy yourself. 🙂