A Bum Knee

No mid-week milonga for me yesterday. I took my belly dance class, went home, and never left again. Why? I have a bum knee.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration. I have a knee that is giving me some trouble, though. Throughout the past week or two I have noticed it getting a bit sore by the end of the night. I am double-jointed, and sometimes when I am not careful I will hyperextend my right knee while I walk backwards. I did this a few times last Friday and Sunday. It sends a little shock into my joint, but it doesn’t create lasting pain. At least once in the last two weeks I also tweaked my right knee a little bit – a leader placed his right foot alongside my right foot and then led me into a gancho. The result? I felt a little rotation trying to happen on my right side, but because my heel was right up against his foot I had nowhere to rotate. The rotation went into my knee, just a little. Just enough to feel it.

So I have been aware that I need to be nice to my knee, to be extra careful. It wasn’t hurting, it wasn’t showing any signs of a real problem, just the occasional twinge when I did something bad to it. But then, at my belly dance class last night, I noticed that it was sore. We did a movement that ended with all our weight on our right leg, which was in plié. The result? My knee ached. I hadn’t done anything bad to it in class, but all the little problems had compiled into soreness.

I kept from putting my full weight on it for the rest of class, then I went home and rested it. I considered going to the milonga and trying to sit, maybe bringing my flat jazz shoes to dance a few songs in, but I know myself better than that. My knee was actively sore, and I was tired, and I can never just sit and watch. So I stayed in with a good book. Hopefully with a little rest, ice, and elevation it will be ok.


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  1. Ooh, I have a knee that bothers me periodically from a tennis injury in high school. Feel better and use tons of ice!~Ruthreadingthetea.com

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