Mid-week dancing …

To the leader who was leaving the milonga last night when I arrived: Thank you for coming back in to dance with me. Not only is it a huge compliment, but our tanda – especially the candombe – was a delight.

Last night was definitely a follower’s milonga. So many wonderful leaders, too many to dance with when you arrive late as I did. I waltzed in around 10:30pm and danced for two hours. The highlight: Having multiple leaders hold you after the music ends at the end of the tanda and whisper compliments in your ear, soaking in the goodness of the dancing. The only downside: I noticed the ball of my right foot aching near the end. I need to figure out what is causing that, to avoid injury. Thankfully, I am going to splurge on a follower’s technique class this weekend. We’ll see what comes up then.

I wish I could write something more creative and interesting, but work is crazy. We have a big event this weekend to prepare for – think Dancing With The Stars on a local level. No time to sneak in lots of writing at work!

(Two weeks until I debut my new CIFs! Hint: They remind me of my days dancing en pointe …)


2 thoughts on “Mid-week dancing …

  1. hmmm…does that mean they have ribbons?I haven’t posted hardly anything lately either! Too busy at work, with kids, etc.I love those milongas where I walk in –and out– feeling like a queen. Yay for you!

  2. My young friend, It is I who should thank you. The candombe was the highlight of my evening. I was leaving because it had turned into a feeding frenzy and there was no one of your calibre to dance with. How could I NOT come back in when I saw you and your friends arrive? 🙂a bientot, j’espere

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