Cherie just wrote a response to the recent NYTimes article that I am sure we have all seen, entitled You Can’t Tango in Any Old Shoes. My own experience has shown that shoes are a great icebreaker, and a fun topic of conversation. The way people talk about their shoes can tell you all kinds of things about how they approach tango, how they view themselves and others, their personality …

I did not start tango for the shoes, and I don’t dance it for the shoes now, I promise! You may not choose to believe me when I tell you about my new pair of shoes. The sneaky thing about Comme Il Faut is that the small supply makes me feel more pressured to buy right now. There was a pair of shoes I had been eyeing for several months, and I finally broke down and bought them. I would have been so sad to find them on someone else’s feet. They even fit the criteria I have for new shoes (you know, the list in my head that supposedly prevents impulse purchases): A brand that I know works well for me, 3″ heels, colors that are not in my shoe collection but do match my wardrobe (thus supposedly preventing impulse clothes shopping!), styles for the toes/strap/heel cage that I like, etc.

But you don’t get to see them yet! Not only do I not have a picture of them, I haven’t worn them outside of the house. Because I splurged on them at a time when I wasn’t planning to buy anything, I am delaying the gratification of wearing them out. I am planning to dance in them for the first time in a couple weeks, at our regular mid-week milonga. That will also give me a chance to practice in them at home and break them in a bit.

I am interested to see if the style of these shoes changes the way I dance, changes my attitude while I am dancing. They are very girly shoes, which is not my usual thing!


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  1. The whole limited edition ploy is canny. A Cork based shoe designer, < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>, has adopted the same approach although her logic is so that you don’t turn up at an event wearing the same shoes as everyone else. “Manolos are so common” 😉

  2. After seeing my favorite Tango Wear shoes on someone else at a milonga, I have to say that I understand the idea of being the only one in your shoes. Also, darn you for posting a link to a site with paisley shoes! I love paisley.Cherie, maybe I’ll post a hint about the colors or design sometime before I wear them … 🙂 Sadly, I don’t have a camera, so I probably won’t post a picture of them until after I wear them on the dance floor!

  3. I wonder, if Comme il Faut makes only 20 (or 30?) pairs of the same model, how come at least 3 of them always end up in my tango community, on the feet of fellow tangueras? 🙂 Fortunately, I do not care that much about the uniqueness of my footwear. Just curious.

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