Short but Sweet

The evening is nearing an end, and only a handful of couples remain on the floor. Having arrived late, I am full of energy and a desire to communicate that energy and commitment to each tanda I dance. The music begins for the third song of the tanda. I could not tell you who the orchestra is, or what the song is called. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. But I know this song. We embrace, I close my eyes, and we slowly, carefully begin moving. Each step is drawn out over a musical phrase, our embrace and intention and attention filling each moment that we dance. As the song ends, I open my eyes. I think we moved about 15, maybe 20 feet. Perfect.

I would not want every dance in an evening to feel like this one, but when it happens it is captivating. So was my waltz tanda with a leader who keeps the movement flowing and keeps my feet moving so that we might make it around the floor multiple times before the song is over. Being consumed in the music and the dance and my leader means something different each time a song begins, and that is part of the beauty and excitement of dancing.