La vida

I have been informed by my relations that they would like to give me a Christmas gift of the sort that I would not buy for myself. Something fun and useful. So here’s the question: Do I want a bike to get me to classes and practicas? An mp3 player for listening to tango music 24/7? Or a camera to capture those beautiful tango moments? Those are the top three contenders right now, and I have none of the above in any form.

In other news, I am on the cusp of a tango extravaganza. Or so it seems. After four non-tango days, I get to have four tango-filled days. Three milongas and a practica. And tonight, we celebrate one tanguera’s move to a new place and a tango couple’s surprise announcement (which I already know, and it’s a good one!). I love how we mark these life events as a community.

I am in a strange place right now, with tango. I love it when I have it, but I am completely content on my off days. Maybe it helps to be more regular with my running and pilates and yoga. And knowing that in a week I will be starting my tribal belly dance class. 🙂 But nothing can entirely replace my tango.


4 thoughts on “La vida

  1. Once tango settles in, nothing else we do, no matter how much fun (and yes, we’re allowed to have fun elsewhere!!!), will ever replace it. Tango holds a special, hallowed place in our being.

  2. Tough decision…bike, iPod, camera…hmmm…An iPod shuffle is only $49 bucks, so you could buy that with the money you save on gas by riding the bike for a month or two…I’m sure your friends have cameras and would be glad to share copies and even take shots of you dancing…I was just practicing my “fatherly advice” skills…

  3. I think I am going with the camera. My logic: An mp3 player is more affordable, and most of the places I go are not realistically within biking distance for me. Photography, on the other hand, is something that I have always enjoyed. I am less a social photographer (as you pointed out, there are always lots of people with cameras around!) and more of a nature/art photographer … that is, when I have a camera and the time for it!

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