What a compliment!

The compliment I received has nothing to do with the milonga I went to last night. This morning I managed to be awake very early, so I set out for a pilates class at the gym. You may remember the nightmare class I had a couple weeks ago, but this class/instructor was a complete 180 from that experience.

This instructor was attentive, explained everything clearly, demonstrated, and gave options. She also walked around at times and gave individual feedback. The feedback I received was during a floor exercise: We were on our backs with our arms outstretched above our heads, and we had to flex our abs to raise our upper backs while doing an exercise with our legs. The instructor came right over and told me that I was “stronger than that,” and insisted that I lift my upper body more. (And she was absolutely right!)

Thank goodness for instructors who know how to safely push their students. I have a tendency to underestimate my ability (or just get lazy!), which is why I like group classes. Instructors who can push their students while simultaneously listening to their needs (read: know when to stop and when to encourage everyone to continue) are fabulous.

At the end of class, I approached the instructor to thank her for the class. It was such a change from the last pilates class I took at the gym. In fact, it was simply a good pilates class, at a gym or not. As soon as I walked up, the instructor said, “You did great; you must be a dancer.” WOW! It gave me a glow to know that in a class that easily had 30 students I stood out as a dancer, with strength and good form. For me, that is a huge compliment.


2 thoughts on “What a compliment!

  1. Was that the little Swedish instructor Sat morning at 24 hr fit? I loooove her. I’ve been going to that class for over a year now. Even dragging my post milonga hiney out of bed after those 3 am Cafe Lulu nights 😉Sleep is highly overrated!

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