This is one of those times where I write about tango, but it is about so much more than tango. You already knew that. I feel like that is part of every blog entry that everyone writes about tango, which is part of why I like tango blogs.

I love how, at the end of a long and stressful day, I can walk into an embrace and let everything from the day disappear. I can be reminded of how peaceful life can be when I am able to let go everything except the present moment. It is a reminder of why I want to bring that state of mind into the rest of my life. If only I could be in the present right now, rather than waiting for that moment in the milonga tonight when I know I will find that feeling …

I love how, when I feel neglected and excluded, I can walk into an embrace and feel loved. Even for just ten minutes. Because for those ten minutes, I can feel like I am at the center of my partner’s world. Then I walk away. I find a new leader, the leader finds a new follower, and I am reminded that I am not the center of other people’s worlds. I find myself open to releasing those negative feelings, and I remind myself that just as I asked for that dance with my eyes I need to find a way to ask for the social relationships I am craving …

I love how, when I feel like no one is listening to a word I say, I can walk into an embrace and feel confident that I will be heard through my movements. We will create moments that make us laugh or smile together, we will respond to each other, we will give to each other. And I am reminded that I need to listen just as much as I want others to listen to me. I need to be present and available, and I can hardly expect anyone to listen to me if I am not engaged with them …

More than anything, I love how I can walk into an embrace and just dance. When I walk off the floor, the rest of my life is there, in my face. There will be problems that are out of my control and responses to those problems that are in my control; there will be relationships that need work and opportunities to do so; there will be moments when I feel mute and times when I can speak and be heard, or help others to be heard. But on the dance floor, I can set all of that aside and just dance.

Happy Friday.


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