Social Tango Outing

Last night was one of those nights where the dance just unravels. It started out nicely, but partway through the night my dancing just started falling apart. I wasn’t connecting to the dance or the music or the other people on the floor. I just lost it. What a disconcerting feeling.

I wasn’t in a bad mood or particularly tired. I think it had more to do with bringing two non-dancers with me, so I had more reason to sit and talk and watch the floor. Actually, it was exciting to have a reason to just watch. One of my guests is a musician, and we spent a good deal of time talking about the music itself. She had a great eye for how different people chose to interpret the music. (Incidentally, she was not a fan of the sort of “Robin style” of interpreting the music by dancing each note.)

It was fun to experience the night as socializing-with-dancing rather than primarily as dancing-with-socializing. It is a different way to experience tango, although I find it harder to approach the evening that way if everyone around me is a dancer.


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