Summer Relaxation

August is really a nice month for relaxing. You can see that my blog posts have been spread out more. My dancing has slowed down, too, on all fronts. I went out of town, and now I have out-of-towners visiting me. I am still dancing, just not as often. But no worries, in a couple weeks I’ll have some non-tango dance-related thoughts. And in a month or so I’ll probably be out dancing (and thus thinking and writing about it) all the time.

It isn’t like I have stopped dancing, though. I was out on Friday, after my guests flopped into bed with some books. It was the first time in a while that I hadn’t arrived right at the start of this milonga. The highlight of the evening: A perfectly executed side line boleo.

The excitement did not really have to do with the fact that it was a side line boleo – it was the thrill of having something feel absolutely right. I have some trouble relaxing my hips and legs to get nicely whip-like boleos, or completely natural ganchos, or anything that involves my foot coming off the floor in something other than a walk. I tend to grip in my hip or thigh, try to control it a little too much.

So here we were, in the middle of a great Hugo Diaz song. The energy was great, I was into it, and one attempted boleo turned out to be a dud. Just then, when I didn’t expect it to happen again, there it was: An unexpected side line boleo, BAM! I was relaxed rather than anticipating; I just let it swing into place. We gave each other a look that said, “Holy cow, that was GREAT!” Then we went on dancing.

That level of relaxation and surrender is something I hope to find in all of my dancing. Wow.