One Tango

However you frame the discussion, it seems like talking about nuevo hits a nerve and provokes a lot of high emotions and strong opinions. I have my fair share of opinions, and I’m doing my best to make them educated ones. But I like to remind myself to step back and focus on what’s important, as these quotations encourage me to do:

NYC Tango Pilgrim gave me this reminder from Geraldine and Javier:
“If you start analyzing it too much… you get lost. You get lost because it’s endless. You start looking at it as a dance not like a feeling that can be danced.”

And I found this Jorge Luis Borges quotation on Alex’s blog:
“The tango can be debated, and we have debates over it, but it still encloses, as does all that which is truthful, a secret.”

Someone on Tango-L also mentioned Homer & Cristina’s philosophy of “one tango”. They avoid the “nuevo” label, saying that they “like to dance & teach a variety of connected, musical, dynamic, interesting, creative, liberating, etc, ideas/technique/movement. They both work towards the fusion of all tango concepts via the ‘one tango’ philosophy in an attempt to reduce barriers that may inhibit themselves or other folks from really finding their own dance… “


One thought on “One Tango

  1. I would *love* it if we could get rid of labels. I also think the ‘organic’ label is a more accurate one than ‘nuevo’, if we have to have one.Whatever the ‘purists’ say, I firmly believe it *is* all one tango. Tango is tango. The proof of this, imo, is that we can all dance with each other! If I got up and tried to follow a salsa dancer or a swing dancer I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. We’re speaking different languages. But I can follow any kind of tango dancer, because we’re all speaking the same language. We may have different accents; sometimes our accents may be sufficiently different that we have to make an effort to understand each other, or to tune in our tango ‘ear’ to their accent, but it’s still the same language. And if you avoid conversation with someone just because they have a different accent, you’re going to miss out on lots of interesting ideas.

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