Shoe craze!

I have had a little shoe craze in the past few months. A friend promised to gift me a pair of Comme Il Fauts that she was using as a backup pair; I decided to order a pair of sensible black shoes to use instead of my very first pair of shoes that don’t fit as well; and I bought a nice pair of two-tone brown shoes that were a gorgeous style. I think I’ve kicked myself into a consumer mindset, and I need to get out! I have already come up with another pair that I would like to have designed (based on the Tango Wear Atei style that I own, but different colors) and accidentally came across a new pair of CIFs that sound gorgeous. But I am exerting self-control and holding off! It’s silly to go crazy buying shoes when it’s the dance I’m actually crazy about.

So what are these shoes?

The sensible black shoes are from Tango Wear. They took extra-long to arrive, probably due to a large group order with heavily negotiated shipping prices. I won’t complain, though – I had my other new shoes to entertain me. In fact, I just got this pair last night. I tried them out at our mid-week milonga, and I think I love them almost as much as my Atei pair! They are simple but elegant, with comfortable 3″ thin, flared heels. The asymmetric strap is gorgeous! I think I will have to punch a new hole in at least one of the straps to get them tight enough to feel secure, but the fit of the shoe itself is just as perfect as my other pair from Tango Wear. I love the feeling of their shoes.

If you’re curious about the other shoes I can talk about them, too. I’m starting to get a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t work for me in a pair of shoes – which also makes it really clear to me how different individual preferences can be. I have also noticed something else: I’m kind of possessive about “my” shoes. CIF really does it well, having such unique styles. It’s weird to see other women wearing the same shoes as I have. I didn’t realize the sense of ownership I feel over the styles of shoes I wear. But like I said before, it’s nothing to get dramatic about – the dance is what’s truly important to me!