I know I am not alone in finding Sally’s blog/life inspiring. It isn’t just about following a dream, or having that dream take you to Argentina. It is inspiring to watch someone explore who she is and what she is capable of, to push and prod and reach for something, to find limits and new abilities – in short, it inspires me to see a real person working at a goal. It’s a reminder that my goals and dreams are not impossible to reach.

Today I feel free. I have completely closed a chapter of my life, like finally easing shut a door that has been left ajar a bit too long. Moving out of my old apartment moved me away from those old, unhealthy goals and habits and toward the things that I want to embrace in my life.

Speaking of good things in my life, starting in September I will get to start taking a belly dance class for free! It is a fusion of tribal belly dance and Afro-Cuban dance. And next week I am committed to taking a ballet class for the first time in ages. On top of that, I am currently being entertained by modern dancers dancing to old Nintendo music. Dance is obviously a huge part of my life that I am glad I reclaimed.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Modern TangueraHere I am writing my blog this morning and catching up with the blogs I read… and I find this entry of yours. That you write about me in this way moves me. And that I found it in this moment mattered: this morning I am missing my family, and I have some other stuff happening that is testing me a little.I am so happy that you felt free when you wrote this. There is NO better feeling for me. Keep moving forward, keep exploring, keep living. We walk hand in hand towards freedom, and I salute you and I support you. Un abrazo muy fuerte, SC

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