Last night, in the middle of the milonga, I had this thought: My favorite leaders dance with me in the embrace; we dance with our torsos and our feet just go along with it. I hop online this morning, and what do I see? Tango Padawan linking to this beautiful entry by Una Milonguera about leaders who “dance with their embrace.”

It was something I noticed in the back of my head as I was dancing last night. Some leaders have a way of dancing so that I don’t even have to think about my feet. Without thinking about it, I know that with each step I am putting my foot down exactly where he wants it. I don’t know if I can explain this feeling – each step feels relaxed and sumptuous, perfectly clear. Instead of worrying about my feet, I am dancing with his torso, in our embrace. I am breathing with him and the music. I may even be communicating how I feel and hear the music, knowing that he will respond. I am smiling.