Butterfly Boleo

Yesterday I mentioned butterfly boleos, and both Psyche and Johanna popped in to ask what I was talking about. Butterfly boleos were figured out by Michelle and Murat – completely led and followed when done correctly. And very nice! Someone led me to do one just last week, and the way it flowed … it felt beautiful! There are also some nice variations, including a small version that stays on the floor for crowded spaces.

So! What is this boleo? It’s essentially a line boleo with a fouette at the end. Don’t ask me how to lead it … I didn’t catch that, and the way it was taught included a lot of working up the skills to get to that point. But I can show you what it looks like! Take a look at this video, especially the boleo that Michelle does right around the 45 second mark:

At the 45 second mark, she does the butterfly boleo and then reverses it. Another variation happens at 2:40, where she goes from the boleo into a back ocho.


3 thoughts on “Butterfly Boleo

  1. Yeah, it kind of looks like a rond de jambe en l’air, but I think that’s because her leg is bent and relaxed (so it looks like she’s making a circle). When it happens, it feels just like a fouette with a bent leg. It’s a thrilling feeling when it happens (for me at least), because I don’t even have to think about it – with a gentle lead, I can simply find myself executing a fouette.

  2. Ah, I see – thank you! I’ve never heard a name for it. It’s a good name for it.I’ve seen a whole family of moves like this, all based on rapid rotation of the leg in the hip joint during a circular movement in space. I love them – they look so tricksy. Sadly I’m not very good at them. The version that’s done on the floor during a front ocho is pretty old, I think. Jen Bratt’s < HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APnvA6xOmTg&eurl=http://www.close-embrace.com/embellishmentarchive.html" REL="nofollow">Rulo Loco tutorial<> is basically the same thing but as that without the rotation in the hip joint.

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