Tango in the streets

All of the talk recently about TangoCommute has gotten me thinking about pedestrian tango. Just the other evening I was walking down the street, talking about the previous night’s dancing, and I stopped on the sidewalk to demonstrate a point. We ended up taking a moment, doing a butterfly boleo, and then resuming our walk. Only then did I notice a group of 4 or 5 people who had stopped to stare.

I like the idea of taking tango out to non-dancers, finding ways to make it more accessible, or at least trying to make people more aware that it happens in their own city. (It isn’t just some exotic, foreign thing!) I can’t imagine trying to grab people’s interest without using music, although I could see using either traditional or alternative (or both!) to draw people in. I do like the idea of just finding space wherever it’s available and showing people what social tango can be like …


4 thoughts on “Tango in the streets

  1. A butterfly boleo is something that Michelle & Murat teach – it’s basically a line boleo with a fouette at the end of it, although there are numerous variations … I’ll see if I can find a video of it when I get a chance.And Miss Tango, I think I would have felt like I was in a musical if tango music had magically started up when we embraced! 🙂

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