An observation I just made: When I dance modern, or ballet, or pretty much anything choreographed, it always feels like the dance is over just as soon as it begins. It just flashes by. Even more so in a fast-paced, difficult piece like the modern one I just performed. But when I dance tango, I get so far inside the dancing that I feel like I’ve dropped out of time and am going to be dancing to that one song forever. I pretty much never have that “over in the blink of an eye” feeling with tango. I wonder if this is related to improvised v. choreographed dancing, or if it has to do with my inability to get so absorbed in other dances, mentally and emotionally. I’ll have to ask my professional modern dance friends what their experience is.

Another observation: There is nothing quite like dancing with someone you haven’t danced with in ages to remind you of the progress you have made. I had a really wonderful couple of sets where things fell into place following-wise in a way that hadn’t happened before with this leader. And even better, any missed leads were brushed off without a thought – I was much more relaxed than before. Not to mention that it was just a fun time dancing; I got to play a lot with changing embrace and quality of movement. I had a really lovely tango weekend. 🙂


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  1. That is so true. It’s wonderful to dance with someone you danced with back in the day when you were just a newbee, and to have that person contratulate you on how far you’ve come. Everyone needs a little ego-stroking now and then!

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