Zapatos – Tango Wear

I am going to take a step back from the dancing itself, and a step away from anonymity, to write about my shoes. (Because who can stay anonymous when it comes to shoes? Many of us can identify followers by their shoes! And really, I don’t care much about remaining anonymous forever. Anyway, I am pretty sure that my only local reader so far – Hello! – knows just who I am, although she’s never said anything to me about it.)

So. Shoes.

I have promised a friend that one of these days soon I will wear my jazz flats to a milonga. They are comfortable for dancing (hello, they are made for dancing in and they are flat shoes!) and take away some of that weird height difference that happens when I dance in 3″ heels with leaders who are right around my height. But they aren’t very elegant.

My very favorite pair of shoes are elegant, and they are super comfortable. They come from Tango Wear, style Atei (same colors as the model shoe, although you can customize your orders if you want). Why do I love them? First of all, I love the look of T-strap shoes with cutouts. Those two elements sweep me off my feet. (Well, hopefully not – that would make it hard to dance!) The suede is very cozy, and the shoe has an all-around divine fit. Snug but not cramped. The sole is flexible. This is key for me. I want to be able to point my foot when I dance, to truly roll through the whole foot as I step backwards, to feel like I’m wearing ballet slippers with heels. But I have never felt like my feet are unsupported. I guess shoes like these require strong feet, and they aren’t highly padded, but for me that’s perfectly ok. I’m used to dancing barefoot! So these shoes provide enough support with lots of flexibility, a great fit, and an elegant line. I have danced in them regularly for the past six months, and they have been great. I’ll let you know how they hold up in the years to come.

I was also plenty happy dealing with Tango Wear, although the shipping charges are high. I tried to save on that with my last order – a pair of very practical black shoes – by ordering in a group with several other dancers. The result? Still waiting for the shoes. But hey, I saved a lot on shipping. I’m not complaining … yet.