Today I received feedback from a non-dancer on my performance:

She’s a producer, someone with a critical eye for overall look even without knowledge of the specific technique. She knows me from my work, but she had never seen me dance before. To her, I am a calm, quiet, behind-the-scenes worker bee. As we sat down, after the usual “Oh, it was so great to see you dance!” comments, she commented on the quality of the performance.

She wasn’t talking about how good it was, she was talking about the feeling it portrayed. According to her, I didn’t take on the usual Performer persona as I danced. I exuded a kind of calm, intense energy. You just aren’t the showy type of personality, she explained, and so you had such a captivating, into-it way of dancing.

I still don’t feel at home performing tango, especially at my level, but it is neat to hear comments like that. It makes me want to see the video (that she and her husband shot, or that someone else shot the next night). And maybe, if you’re really, really nice to me, I’ll share the video. 😉 But don’t get your hopes up! My guess is that I’ll hide it away, using it for didactic purposes only.