La música alternativa

I am thinking about alternative music again. I would guess that most people would complain, most people would refuse to dance to it, but I still want to try dancing tango to rock music. I want to see what it would do to the energy, the style, the relationship between the dancers.

One song I would love to try dancing to is Plasma, by Sinch:

For those of you who do dance to alternative music, what do you think? Would you give this a try or avoid it?


5 thoughts on “La música alternativa

  1. This sounds quite danceable to me.I started tango dancing to a lot of alternative music as my teachers thought this makes it easier for their students to learn tango as it’s easier for them to tune into musical forms they are familiar with. For me any music I like that has a good rhythm with some variability or complexity, or music that has a good dynamic range, or that evokes strong feelings is usually good to dance to.

  2. David, I think I agree with your criteria for dance music. But I’m glad I was introduced to traditional tango music right away, too, because otherwise going outside of the classroom to dance would have made for a pretty big shock (although I’m sure your teachers introduced the traditional stuff at some point) – and there’s something about it that just grabs me for tango, as much as I like exploring alternative music.

  3. Hi Moderntanguera,We were introduced to Traditional tango straight away, it’s just that my teacher also included a large percentage of nuevo, neo and non-tango as they felt that was more accessible to beginners.I would guess that 20-30% of the music was non-traditional. It’s only now after several years of dancing that I find I can really connect to the more complex traditional music (Pugliese for example).Anyway, yesterday evening was a “reversed” milonga… mostly nuevo/neo/non tango with occasional tandas of traditional tango/vals/milonga (about 30%). Great fun!David

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