I am obsessed with torsos right now.

Where the embrace fits, how two torsos fit and move together, how much or little the torso can move, torso rotations and bending. Just last week, a leader commented on how flexible I am in my torso. My number 1 focus in my dancing lately has been on matching the energy in my torso with my leader’s, along with working on getting good rotation in my torso (for proper torque, to allow myself to do ochos and such without breaking the connection of our torsos and embrace, etc). It has been interesting to take some of my focus away from my feet and legs – on walking, collecting, extending, all of those things below the waist that I hope are still happening nicely – and really work on the torso connection.

I have discovered a strong preference for leaders who have more relaxed, twisty torsos. I love to feel his torso twisting as he walks, especially when taking a bigger or stronger step. I enjoy the sense of a relaxed torso being used for shock absorption, to make transitions more comfortable and easy. I like feeling rhythm and energy communicated through the torso. I love feeling my breathing in sync with the leader’s, feeling a suspension or a pause in the breath, having that moment of anticipation together.

I wonder if the leaders notice. Do they care that I have let my attention slide away from my feet, my legs? I had one leader comment on my dancing: He said that I am very responsive now, that I am more expressive, that moving my dancing into my torso has been great – and that he has no idea if that has translated into my feet doing what they should, but I feel good as a follower! Do leaders really not notice the technique below the waist as much as the technique above it?


3 thoughts on “Torsos

  1. I think they do, MT. Feedback from leaders leads me to believe so: when you are responsive it is bliss; when your feet are pretty, it’s gravy.

  2. Yes, of course… dancing can be kind of like riding a 20 year old fiat or a porsche 🙂 with a great follower it feels so good that you only think about dancing and challenging both of you and be playful. You don’t need to worry about details and focus on the good stuff!With someone that is still technically challenged the leader has to adapt and constantly be aware of follower’s limitations and making her feel good within a more limited range of possibilities. It’s ok, but if the connection is so so I get tired of it pretty soon… I find that it’s a hallmark of great followers to develop torsion as part of their technique… if they don’t, they always want to cross to get out of it. you cannot dance nicely in two lanes, etc…And yeah, of course we notice. If you’re mind is on us instead of your legs, we will notice 😉 good technique can easily translate into feeling really good doing the moves.. we also notice that! because then we feel like surprising you 🙂

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