Performing II

I am funneling my end-of-fiscal-year job dissatisfaction (What? I went into work on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend?) into more constructive endeavors. Like thoughts about dancing. Like my plan to take a ballet class this week for the times in, well, ages.

I promised a little report on my performance last weekend, didn’t I? It went well. I got over the nerves and just enjoyed myself. I managed to pretty much laugh in the middle of my tango performance, which I think was a job well done. Dancing is to be enjoyed. And I couldn’t stay serious while doing a line boleo between my leader’s legs!

Performing my modern dance was also very fun. The other women in the piece were a joy to dance with, and all of our practice and similar skills resulted in a clean, impressive dance. I know that I get “into” tango more than modern dance as I dance it, but I had a lot of fun with it. The drums! The feeling of sprinting through the piece! The incredible adrenaline!

Now the question: Do I really want to watch myself on video? (Yes! No! Of course! Agh, I can’t watch!)


2 thoughts on “Performing II

  1. Congratulations on your performance. I’m sure that at whatever level we all rise to, even professionally, it’s very difficult to watch ourselves on video. I find it’s hard enough catching sight of myself in a mirror at a dance studio, so I can’t imagine how it would be to see myself on video.I hope when you do, that you enjoy your participation and don’t be hard on yourself. 😉

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