The next time I consider doing a tango performance, someone please stop me.

I am performing this weekend! I am excited to be performing a modern dance piece. But earlier this week, the person organizing the performance found out that a couple of the groups scheduled to perform couldn’t do it. She wanted to fill out the show a bit, so she asked me if I could dance a song or two of tango. I did this last December, and the fun part was showing my “modern people” a glimpse of this other dance I do. It wasn’t meant to be high-quality, just a look at what I had learned so far.

After that performance, I decided that I just wasn’t into tango performance. I love other kinds of performance, and I love dancing tango, but performing tango feels different. I also don’t feel like I’m good enough to be performing, and I don’t approach dancing tango with a performance (read: showy, flashy) mindset. Despite this, I agreed to perform again. So this weekend I will be dancing both modern and tango. I’ll let you all know how it goes …