One Hundred Push-ups

I have decided join the other tanguer@s who are training to do one hundred push-ups. I’ll try to stick with it, unless I start developing funny muscle mass. But that isn’t likely, because a lifetime of dancing with minimal upper-body training means I’m a little disproportionate anyway!

Usually when I work out, I do modified push-ups. I do them in sets of 6-10, 4 different ways. It works slightly different muscles and varies the push-ups enough to keep my mind off the difficulty (ok, not really, but it’s some kind of distraction). I usually do about 4 sets each time I work out.

Today, I did the initial test for the one hundred push-ups. Doing real pushups, I could do seven. Seven! It’s surprising how much difference it makes to do a real push-up. But I think that’s a respectable number (especially for an early morning workout), so I will start from there and see how it goes. I will try my best to stick with it!


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