Another "Aha!" Moment

It was almost the end of the last song in the tanda. I turned slightly and suddenly found my right leg wrapped around his. A pause. A definite, “he must be thinking” pause. The wrap was one of those soft ones, one where my leg sort of settled in rather than rebounding away. And then I felt his leg straighten slightly, just enough that it only made sense for me to put my leg down and continue on our way.

The song ended, and he looked at me with something akin to appreciation and shock. You did just what I asked you, but I didn’t expect it! It seems that this leg wrap doesn’t always work. And then it did, right then, as we were dancing. He said that he stopped as he realized that I had followed his lead, and then recovered and continued. How fun to find that moment together! That pause was possibly the most memorable point of the evening. (How interesting that the moment of stillness was the one point in an entire night of dancing that stands out in my mind.)


3 thoughts on “Another "Aha!" Moment

  1. For some reason this reminded me of my most memorable kiss. It wasn’t the kiss that I remember – it was the moment just *before* it, where our lips were almost-but-not-quite touching, where we paused, not quite sure whether we were going to proceed or not, and the pause seemed to go on for ever. That little moment of still anticipation was by far the best kiss-moment in my life. Hope that wasn’t too personal, but the recollection sprang vividly to mind.

  2. To respond through doing and not through thinking is, in fact, the “goal”. Congratulations. May you have many, many, many more such moments.

  3. Psyche, that’s a fabulous memory! I can see why it came to mind, and I can imagine the anticipation. Thank you for sharing. 🙂Johanna, thank you! These certainly are the most amazing moments.

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