Dancing Feet

Great milonga last night.* It had that wonderful combination of a good venue, great crowd (lots of people, many of whom I enjoy dancing with), fun music, and high energy. The only thing I noticed was a little trouble hearing the music at times – just because there were enough people there that the music had to carry over their conversations! But that wasn’t a constant issue, especially when the music pulled almost everyone onto the dance floor.

To make my evening even better, I felt super cute last night. I love how tango gives me a place to get dolled up. My dancing is more important to me than how I look, but when I feel good about both it’s dynamite! Compliments on my legs, compliments on my dancing feet … only one comment on my earrings, but I can forgive everyone else for not being so obsessed.

I only had a few dances that felt off to me, and I had other surprisingly good moments. Someone I hadn’t danced with before, someone I hadn’t danced with in quite a while … great fun. Lots of leaders who listen and have beautiful embraces and don’t force the lead. I only sat down for about 5 songs the whole night, and three of those were at the very end when I was ready to be done. I am so grateful to live here. And I still have an entire weekend of dancing to look forward to.

*To the DJ/Host: Thanks for a great night! Having it once a month seems to really boost the energy – I was looking forward to it, and it didn’t disappoint!
–To everyone else: Sorry for the fairly vacuous post. Some days you just want to gush and not analyze or think too hard. This is one of those days. 🙂