More Than Tango

Breakthrough realization: I need my other dances.

I was boring myself with my dancing last night. I could attribute this to the year-ish mark – hitting a lull in my dancing, another plateau. But I think it has more to do with the rest of my life. I have been trying to save money by not taking many dance classes at all: I haven’t been belly dancing, I didn’t try the Persian dance series, and for whatever reasons (just plain laziness?) I haven’t even been taking the modern dance classes that are available to me for free. Not only that, I have let my running schedule slide. In other words, most of my activity lately has been restricted to tango.

Thankfully, I have an immediate remedy: Tonight I have a modern rehearsal to go to. And even if I have to cut back elsewhere, I am going to get back into my belly dancing class. I love tango and could never replace it, but I feel most vibrant when I have my other dancing (and non-dancing activities!) to sustain me and give me energy. That said, I am thinking about expanding my writing to include at least my other dances … that energy will keep me interested and hopefully keep my blog interesting.


One thought on “More Than Tango

  1. Hmmm, boy does this post sound familiar?! Go for it…you’ll appreciate your tango more.I’d still be bellydancing if I was any good at it. 😉I used to love the veils especially. Enjoy yourself!

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