Earrings – better than shoes?

I was not always a shoe person. My interest in shoes came with tango. But even before tango I was a sucker for another kind of decoration: earrings. I love earrings. I was so proud as a kid when I talked my dad into letting me get my ears pierced at age 10 (talked down from 18). I have outgrown the silly earrings: The pair shaped as dice, the ones that looked like neon bunches of grapes, the fuzzy ones, the cowbells that actually rang as I walked … But I still have a big collection, just a little more mature.

I love really long earrings. I have a long neck, so when I wear my hair up (i.e. almost every time I go dancing) I like to adorn myself with long earrings. Chandelier earrings are a personal favorite. I am a huge, huge fan of designs that use filigree, as well. I am not too picky about gold v. silver, so I have a good number of both in my collection. I have gemstones, pearls, polished stone, metal, wood, all in any number of styles and colors to fit with whatever I am wearing. My favorite point in the evening is once I am past the chore of deciding what clothes to wear (although I have had some wonderful advice from various friends about that) and onto picking a pair of earrings to go with my outfit.

I think I am pickier about my earrings than I am about my shoes. (Well, my feet might disagree.) Lucky me, given that shoes are significantly more expensive! And I think what they say about the little black dress applies to earrings just as well as shoes: A simple black dress is all you need on the road if you have a suitcase full of jewelry to go with it. So what has inspired this earring-dedicated post? I just got three new pairs of earrings from Voleur de Bijoux. Beautiful jewelry, very fast response (ordered on a whim before I left for Phoenix, waiting for me when I got back). One pair was a special gift, too! I am seriously impressed by both the quality and the service.

So what did I get? One gold pair of filigree pendants with pearls and blue quartz, and another gold pair of filigree circles with red pearls. The gift was a simple, elegant pair of pearls. (Oh hey, I was just saying that I wanted more pearls in my earring collection! Perfect!) I can’t wait to take these out for a spin!


4 thoughts on “Earrings – better than shoes?

  1. Oh Dear. Earrings. I share your pain. Er, passion. I have dozens of them, on the opposite end of the size spectrum. Earrings costing anything from pennies to $$. I’ve starting weeding out the real junk, and have a box full of sparking, jingling, colorful, and intriguing ear adornments.

  2. I’m glad I am not alone! 🙂 I didn’t even think to count my little studs. I have two piercings in each ear, so I have a collection of simple colored gemstones for the second piercings. Aren’t they fun? Whee!

  3. Well, I’m odd. In every sense. I have one ear with one piercing, and the other with two piercings – in which I only wear the first diamond I ever bought. Based on those statistics alone, I’m pretty certain you out-collect me by a significant factor 🙂

  4. And earrings are a lot cheaper than shoes, so you can really splurge.Forever 21 is a great place for really glitzy stuff that’s cheap and colorful.I love big earrings, buy them (saying I’ll wear them for tango), and then am too shy to wear them. It’s funny, they just sit in the box.

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