There have been a lot of fun posts about embrace lately. Some about the attitude one takes in the embrace, exuding love and warmth, and what that can do for the dance. Others about the more technical aspects of the embrace, like where each person puts his or her left hand. I had a conversation with a teacher recently about the impact of different kinds of embraces on our open side: The round, circular feeling in open embrace that collapses a bit when we move to a closer embrace.

Last night, I had another short conversation about the open side of the embrace. We noted that it is normal for the leader to hold his left arm straight out to his side, but if the follower’s arm is straight out to her side it feels strange. I noted that it feels normal in a close embrace, relating to my earlier conversation with my teacher, but that in an open embrace I want my arm slightly in front of me for balance, connection, flow. Why is it that it feels strange for me as a follower but comfortable for the leader? Has anyone else thought about this before?

Relating back to my recent post about practicas, my leader and I commented that it would be nice to have a practica that includes conversations like this. An environment where we can discuss these points with a number of people who have different perspectives, explore the various possibilities and try to figure out why things work as they do … as well as figuring out what possibilities we haven’t considered before. I get tired of milonga-esque practicas, or practicas that don’t have the room (either spacially or mentally) for playing with the possibilities. It’s fabulous to have this blog-space where we share ideas – I just want to make sure that these ideas move onto the dance floor in some way, too!