¡Qué lástima!

I am back from visiting my hometown! Sadly, I have nothing to report.

Nothing, you say? What about that milonga? My only response: What milonga? I checked the area website, dutifully double-checked on their listserv to make sure it was happening, and then drove half an hour to the supposed milonga location. As I was walking up the stairs (and wondering why I didn’t hear any music), a couple stopped me and said that there was some other event going on. I couldn’t believe it! But I turned around and walked out. Got to my car, decided I couldn’t give up that easily, and went back. Checked the location (right address, right name on the building, no alternate entrances); walked up the stairs to the big room with a wooden floor (yep, definitely a different event happening); looked around for other possible rooms with hope (nope, no other places to dance there). The building’s calendar, which I checked later, had both events on the schedule … it looks like this one just ran over and took precedence. I even got there an hour after the milonga was supposed to start!

I am going to email the organizer and see what happened, but the result is that it could be another year before I have that chance again! Ah well, I probably would have been overdressed, anyway.


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