Un viaje

This weekend I am going to visit my hometown! I haven’t been able to dance there since I started tango, so this weekend will be a treat. I plan to go to a milonga, meet the local tanguer@s, get my dancing fix. I have almost no idea what to expect, either! I am on their email list, so I know the visiting teachers they have had recently. That’s about it. I expect mostly close embrace, traditional styles and music. A mostly older crowd. But I don’t really know how big their community is, what levels of dancers they have, how the milongas feel, what attitude they have about visiting followers …

It will be refreshing to see an entirely different scene. They aren’t as active a community (two cities with one event each week v. my local scene with more than one event each night), but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have beautiful dancers. The people in my hometown more generally are very open, welcoming, kind people – so I expect more of the same from the tango community there. And even if the milonga turns out to be a disaster, at least I can come home and fall in love with my community all over again.

I’ll let you all know how it goes.