Last weekend I danced a beautiful Pugliese tanda. Beautiful.

I have heard people saying that they don’t like dancing to Pugliese. In my experience, it just takes a certain style for the dancing to feel right. Things that I need to enjoy it:

  • Clear changes from soft movements to very direct, striking movements
  • The ability to pause, suspend, float at times
  • The kind of walking where you hold back for a moment and then attack the step
  • A keen sense of musical phrasing
  • Truly feeling the music and transmitting that feeling to your partner (my favorite way to do this is through a breath in as the music lifts and a soft, communicative torso as I breath out)

These are, of course, interrelated. And when I say I need them for an enjoyable Pugliese tanda, I don’t mean that I would dislike dancing it any other way – these are just the things I need to really feel like I am enjoying the music itself as part of the dance. My best evenings are the ones where I get the leaders who I believe interpret each particular tanda in a way that best expresses the music. (Why do I get the feeling that I am going to spend the rest of the week talking about different kinds of music?)


2 thoughts on “Pugliese

  1. I find that I enjoy Pugliese earlier on in the evening, after I’ve warmed up but before I’m starting to feel tired. It needs a lot of energy and attention as there is just so much going on in the music.Unfortunately a lot of DJs locally seem to play it towards the end of the evening when I find I have to sit it out…

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