Siga el baile!

I love candombes.

For one thing, I love music with drums. For tango, for belly dancing, for modern dance … it doesn’t matter. Drumming moves me. (I have done a tiny bit of West African dance, and some Dunham technique in modern dance, and I am dying to learn more. The drums are beautiful.) I also love the syncopation, which opens the dance up to even more fun rhythmic play.

I tend to be pickier about who I’ll dance candombe with – if I’m careful about not dancing with strangers for a milonga, I’m even more picky about which of my favorite milonga leaders are also good for candombes. But if I do end up with someone unusual while dancing a candombe, I always issue a warning: This music brings out my naughty, playful side. I’ll toss in all kinds of embellishments that I would never use elsewhere if it means fully experiencing the music. I’ll look for height changes and syncopation and a dance that gets my adrenaline pumping. I want energy.

Anyone up for a good candombe?