Blissed Out

It could have been my intention to change attitude, or maybe it was just a natural shift out of the funk I had been in. Either way, my dancing this weekend was blissful. Musical, playful, romantic, giving, relaxed, … it is a humbling experience to see how easily I can get into a negative state of mind, and to see how easily I can get stuck there without realizing it. It is also an uplifting experience to move past that and return to living in the present.

I danced with a friend one night who said that the night before he was trying to cabaceo me, but his cabaceo was getting intercepted by a number of women in between us. I hadn’t even seen him looking in my direction. I guess the cabaceo is awesome but has its problems …

I am in the very initial, slow-moving stages of learning to lead. The empathy I am developing for leaders! Several times while practicing I drew a blank while trying to do something. Just completely forgot what came next and where I needed my body to go. I did, however, get better at dissociating. I find this easier to do as a follower than as a leader (practice, practice, practice!) but by the end of the night was leading ochos smoother and more gracefully. I can see that this journey will take a while. For example, even though I have the movement concept in my head, I still can’t quite lead a cruzada. But as my very patient follower-friend said, “She’s getting better.”


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