Ser Presente (un mantra esencial)

I have been in kind of a funk lately, which I see showing up in my writing. It has also been there in my dancing. I have probably only had a handful of dances in the past week where I allowed myself to really connect with the music and my leader, to practice a more meditative, fully present tango. Many, many thanks to Johanna and David for reminding me that this is my responsibility. It is my own distractedness, my state of mind as I walk onto the floor, my inability to let go of everything outside of the present.

I need to breathe. I need to tap into my own inner joy, the Me that is inextricably connected to the Here and Now. Forget the past and the future, let go of expectation and worry, and just Be. Be in the music, be in the embrace, be in the dance. Do what I need to reconnect with that. Today, that means immersing myself in work and then letting it all go again to step onto the dance floor. Next week, that might mean reconnecting with my other dances before going out to tango again. All I know is that lately I haven’t been the person or dancer I want to be, and I need to return to the joy of being present before anything else will change.


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