La economía y el tango

How might the US economy be affecting the tango scene?
(Warning: Complete speculation ahead)

Milonga/Class Fees: A tighter budget could mean fewer people making it out to milongas. Or it could mean foregoing classes in order to make it to more milongas. (i.e. slower progress for those people we want to see improve, including ourselves!) However, maybe this will encourage people to make the most of free events, especially practicas? It could also encourage more people to go to the milonga that costs $5 rather than, say, the movie that costs $10 or the theater event that costs $25+. So maybe it’s a good thing!

Economic Stimulus Package: I have been planning to stick my tongue out at Bush and put that money into savings. On the other hand, it could pay for those shoes I have been wanting (including some nice 3″ heels I just came across!) … Rebate + Tanguera = Better Fashion? 😉

Less Travel: For good or for bad, locals might end up sticking around home more. Potential for stagnation? But also perhaps an internal drive for experimentation, to shake things up and keep things interesting. Or more semi-local community strengthening as people restrict their travel to destinations closer to home. Who knows?

Then again, maybe it will just shift the demographics of the scene. More people with more expendable income, fewer students and people with less stable or lower incomes. Or at least increase the divide between those groups and the events they attend. Or maybe have no effect at all … tango has thrived despite Argentina’s volatile economy. In any case, this seems like a good time for fostering creative outlets and less expensive projects. It reminds me of how much I like the idea of tango nonprofits like Project Tango. I work in a nonprofit now and get excited thinking about what could be done with a tango nonprofit (with outreach programs, education, collaborations, cultural exchanges, etc).

I feel like this post is very scatterbrained. I would try to fix it, but it seems representative of my current state of mind.


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