Eyes Wide Shut

The music begins, I am in the arms of a trusted leader, and as I relax into the embrace my eyes drift shut. I open them from time to time if he is stepping backwards, or if I feel another couple’s presence nearby, or as we shift to a more open embrace. But much of the time my eyes remain pleasantly closed as I feel the communication pass between our bodies.

I know that there are beautiful followers out there who never close their eyes. I won’t close them if I don’t trust the leader, except maybe briefly to try to better sense his lead. But with a leader I trust, I almost always close them. I hear the music better. I feel his leads better. And I prevent myself from getting distracted by other dancers, onlookers, and mirrors. Closing my eyes whisks me into a private space where my focus is entirely in the moment. Just like closing my eyes during meditation, it leads me inward – only in tango, it is inward into myself and into the couple and into the music.